About Us

Welcome to K&J Clothing Boutique! We are so happy you are here :)
What are we?
K&J Clothing is an online boutique for women and children created by owner, Kimberly Hopkins. After diving into the world of instagram and creating my own lifestyle blog, K&J clothing started as a dream from a women that loved comfortable, affordable fashion, but poured more into her kids than herself due to not meeting the expectations of the “model image” you see on the storefront or in a magazine. I have had so much fun styling my kids, but in time I realized that I deserve to treat myself, feel confident and worthy no matter the size and not feel pressured to change in order to pull off the styles that I love!

But don’t worry! Since children are the center of my world, they certainly won’t be left out of this brand. I will be offering amazing styles for women of all shapes and sizes, as well as a sprinkle of children's styles for both boys and girls!