Meet The Team

Here at K&J Clothing, we may be a small team but we sure are mighty! There is only a hand full of us, but I am so thankful for those that work so hard to make things run around here! Meet our Team!

Owner: Kimberly Hopkins

Kimberly is a Wife, Mama of 4, and owner of K&J Clothing. She has a deep love for inspiring others, following her dreams and making this a family business. Kimberly and her husband Jarret got married in 2012, had their first son Jayden in 2013, their only daughter Khloe in 2015, son Jordan in 2017 and the baby of the family Jackson in 2020. As a busy full time working mama of 4, Kimberly was inspired to share easy, affordable styled outfits for herself and her kiddos with her audience on social media. You can follow Kimberly on Instagram KimberlyJHopkins. You'll find lots of pictures of her family, travel, and latest shopping finds.

Co-Owner, Occasional Photographer & Live entertainment: Jarret Hopkins

Jarret is Kim's husband and has also been the one of the main K&J photographers (aside from our amazing Belinda) from the very beginning! You can find Jarret on lives with Kim, joining the team at market (we all know shopping isn't his favorite hobby), and can even be seen in the warehouse every once in a while! Jarret's full time job is Fire Inspections, but has hopes to be a full time K&J employee in the future!


Shipping & Intake Processing / Operations Assistant: Addy Scherer

Addy is K&J Clothing's first intern employee, but has now been officially hired on to our team! Addy assists with shipping, intake, and day to day operations. You will see Addy at our pop-ups and content appearances from time to time!

Model, Shipping & Intake Processor: Grace Yocum

Grace is K&J Clothing's first official employee! Grace is our master shipper, but also does new inventory intake and is our model! You may see Grace on lives, and the website.


Model & Social Media Content Intern: Keara Holt


Keara has been a lifestyle model for K&J Clothing for awhile now, but has now transitioned to becoming a content creator for our brand. Keara assists with photo shoots, social media content and fit modeling. You will see Keara on our website, instagram & TikTok!